How to chart temps if baby up all nite??

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How to chart temps if baby up all nite??
Wed, 12-30-2009 - 9:14pm

Hi Ladies,
I originally posted this over on the TTC board, but thought I would try here too since this group is specifically for charting -
hope you can help me out.

We are planning to TTC #2 this year, starting on the January cycle. I used FAM loosely before our daughter was born and I used to take my temp each morning upon waking up with a BD Digital thermometer - no problems.

Well, this time around it's a little more complicated...our little girl is 18 months old, she sleeps in our room (in her own bed) and she wakes up at least once, maybe twice a night. I am having a hard time figuring out how to keep an accurate chart of my temps, when I dont consistently get more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. Also, depending on how many times she wakes up overnight, her morning wake-up ranges from 6am - 7:30am, (and I sleep until she wakes me because I'm usually exhausted in the mornings.)

So with no real long stretch of sleep and varying waking times, how can I get any dependable temp charting done? I read somewhere that as long as I get AT LEAST 3 hours of sleep, I can take my temp anytime after that - is that true even if it's at varying points in the evening? I'm also checking CM and Cervix position, but I feel that temps are the best clear way to confirm when ovulation actually occurs.

Also, I just ordered an ovulation saliva kit, so hopefully that will help give me an additional reading on ovulation if my temp charting is not consistent.

I have been keeping very general notes this past year in terms of when Cycle Day 1 is and when I feel Mittelschmerz, so I have some general cycle data to go by, but I havent been tracking temps at all. My cycles are averaging 27 days (the shortest being 25 days, and most of them 28 days), so I usually can guess within a day or two when I will ovulate (also, my husband ALWAYS wants to have sex around ovulation - so he is a good OPK)

So complicated ~ I just kind of feel like not doing all this work, but we are trying for a boy this time (using the Shettles method and the Chinese Gender Prediction calendar) and I need to be aware of when exactly I'm supposed to ovulate so we can time BD.

Anyone else out there dealing with nightly wake-ups and problems with accurate temps for charting?? I would love to hear any of your suggestions/experiences.



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Fri, 01-01-2010 - 11:14pm

Sorry, but I was LOL at your hubby being a good OPK.