I think it may be time for me to (m)

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I think it may be time for me to (m)
Fri, 05-02-2003 - 11:19am
start charting again. I've been noticing an increase in sticky CM, and yesterday it was definitely creamy. I was never good at monitoring CP, but I've been trying to notice again. Raney consistently sleeps 7pm - 5:30 or 6am, and Madelyn goes from at least midnight to 5:30 or 6am, so I may even be able to start temping again. Of course, for a while at least, I'll be charting to avoid. Even though we want to have more some day, I just don't think it would be fair to the girls to get pg again so soon.

I'm feeling pretty lucky to have gone more than 7 months post partum without AF. Would like her to stay away longer, but I'll be fine if she decides to show.

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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 11:31am
Wow 7 months! I only got 3 months, ugh! I was so upset! Everyone that I talked to said their Af didn't come back till after they were done breastfeeding. And Caleb was breastfeeding every 2 hours during the day during that time and getting up a few times during the night at 3 months. Cassie
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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 3:12pm
I think I got 8 months. And it came back right after my daughter started to sleep 12 hours at night...unfortunately, she had a couple of months where she stopped sleeping 12 hours at night but AF still came anyway! Darn!


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Fri, 05-02-2003 - 10:21pm
Yep, sounds like it's time to watch things. You're lucky you've gone so long...I've gone about 5m w/ both of my kids. Guess I'm lucky to even go that long :-) Sue