low temps - possible thyroid problem?

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low temps - possible thyroid problem?
Tue, 11-04-2008 - 9:58am

Hi all,

I recently started charting again at the request of my doctor. We know something is wrong and that I'm not ovulating but we don't yet know why. I read somewhere that low average temps can be an indicator that your thyroid is off. Most of my temps are right around 97 and sometimes below, do you think the thyroid might be the culprit? I don't have my chart online right now but hope to soon. Thanks for your thoughts...

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Tue, 11-04-2008 - 12:04pm

If you look through my post Deciding on CD1, Susan had given me a great link about the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism- I'm also a low temper.

Sorry, I couldn't go through and find it myself- gotta run to work. :)


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Tue, 11-04-2008 - 9:36pm
Yes, pre-O temps at 97 or below could indicate thyroid problems.
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Wed, 11-05-2008 - 12:42am

Thanks Sue. I have no idea what's wrong as you know. Here are my signs and symptoms:

*low temps - usually around 97-97.2 or so
*irregular cycle length
*completely brown menstruation the last two cycles
*prolonged EWCM & no ovulation
*pain in the ovary/tubal region - mostly on previous ectopic side, ovary was not removed

I think that's about it at this point but it's definetely enough to know something's up. I've got an appointment Dec 24th with the only local fertility specialist (I live in a fairly small area) so I'm looking forward to that. Not looking forward to restarting my deductible with tests, blood draws, etc. I'm really hoping it's something easy so we can move on since we still have the tubal issue to contend with. Who knew trying for a baby would be like this???

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Wed, 11-05-2008 - 11:24am


You might also be dealing w/ PCOS- long anovulatory cycles w/ ovulation pains are symptoms of this disorder.