My temps make no sense!

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My temps make no sense!
Sun, 03-01-2009 - 3:49pm

My chart has been really confusing this month. My temps are all over the place, so I was very surprised that FF detected an ovulation date because I didn't think it was enough of a substantial rise. My CM has been following a pretty normal pattern though. On 3DPO my temp was at 97.9 but now at 5DPO has made it's way back down to the coverline. It really concerned me this morning but then I entered my data and the FF Early Pregnancy Signs gave me 40 pts as having signs in common with pregnancy charts. (???) I'm really confused how my chart could resemble a pregnancy chart. Could somebody please take a look and tell me what you think?

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Sun, 03-01-2009 - 9:30pm


Yes, your temps are pretty erratic, but your cm pattern was



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Wed, 03-04-2009 - 9:18pm

I agree with do have a temp rise that correlates with your cm change.