Need help with charting..

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Need help with charting..
Fri, 08-06-2010 - 11:11pm

I am horrible with this, but I have been keeping track of my symptoms and periods. I had an ectopic pregnancy last year and trying for baby #2, again. I have no problem conceiving my son. I got off BCPs, charted my BBT, and happened that month. Now its much harder for the second, since my periods are all over the place. Here is my charting...any help would be appreciated!

Aug 03 - Dizzy
Symptoms: Acne (light), Bloating (medium), Cramps (medium), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: angry
Aug 04 - Dizzy
Symptoms: Acne (light), Backaches (heavy), Bloating (medium), Cramps (medium), Tender Breasts (light)
Moods: angry, depressed, sad

Period Start: Jul 08, 2010
Period End: Jul 12, 2010
Cycle Length: 32
Jul 08 - Spotting, tired
Symptoms: Bloating (light), Headaches (light), Nausea (medium), Tender Breasts (light)
Moods: depressed, angry
Jul 09 - Symptoms: Acne (light), Bloating (medium), Cramps (heavy), Nausea (light)
Moods: sad
Jul 10 - Tired, nauseous, no motivation.
Symptoms: Nausea (medium), Cramps (light), Bloating (light), Backaches (light), Acne (light)
Jul 11 - Symptoms: Headaches (heavy), Cramps (light), Bloating (medium), Nausea (light)
Jul 16 - (INTIMATE)
Jul 19 - (INTIMATE)
Jul 20 - (INTIMATE)
Jul 24 - (INTIMATE)
Jul 25 - Symptoms: Cramps (medium)
Jul 26 - Symptoms: Cramps (medium)
Jul 27 - Symptoms: Cramps (medium)
Jul 28 - Symptoms: Cramps (heavy)
Jul 29 - Symptoms: Cramps (light), Headaches (medium)
Jul 30 - Symptoms: Tender Breasts (medium), Headaches (light)
Jul 31 - Symptoms: Cramps (heavy)

Period Start: Jun 07, 2010
Period End: Jun 12, 2010
Cycle Length: 31
Jun 10 - Period lightened up. Had a migraine.
Symptoms: Headaches (heavy)
Moods: depressed, sad
Jun 12 - Light flow
Moods: happy, calm
Jun 15 - (INTIMATE)
Jun 16 - Symptoms: Cramps (medium)
Jun 17 - Light spotting.
Symptoms: Cramps (light)
Jun 19 - (INTIMATE)
Jun 20 - (INTIMATE)
Jun 26 - (INTIMATE)
Jun 27 - Symptoms: Acne (light), Cramps (medium)
Moods: depressed, sad
Jun 29 - Tired, weird dream, and bad migraine with dizziness and nausea.
Symptoms: Acne (light), Tender Breasts (light), Headaches (heavy), Nausea (medium)
Jul 02 - Craving soda and chocolate.
Symptoms: Acne (medium), Bloating (heavy), Tender Breasts (light)
Moods: sad
Jul 03 - Chocolate, and soda craving. Tired and irritable.
Symptoms: Acne (medium), Bloating (heavy), Cramps (light), Nausea (light), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: calm
Jul 04 - Symptoms: Acne (medium), Nausea (medium), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: angry, calm, sad, depressed

Period Start: May 05, 2010
Period End: May 09, 2010
Cycle Length: 33
May 28 - Symptoms: Tender Breasts (light), Cramps (medium)
May 29 - Moods: happy
May 30 - Feel ugly, sad, depressed.
Symptoms: Cramps (medium)
Moods: sad, depressed
Jun 01 - Symptoms: Bloating (medium)
Moods: depressed, angry
Jun 02 - Symptoms: Bloating (light)
Moods: angry, sad
Jun 03 - Symptoms: Bloating (medium), Headaches (light), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: calm
Jun 04 - Been tired for a week now.
Symptoms: Acne (medium), Bloating (light), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: sad, depressed
Jun 06 - Tired
Symptoms: Acne (medium), Bloating (heavy), Cramps (light), Headaches (medium), Tender Breasts (medium)
Moods: sad, calm

Period Start: Apr 04, 2010
Period End: Apr 08, 2010
Cycle Length: 31

Period Start: Mar 04, 2010
Period End: Mar 08, 2010
Cycle Length: 31

February - No period

Period Start: Jan 22, 2010
Period End: Jan 26th, 2010
Cycle Length: 41

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 8:23am

I'm sorry for your ectopic loss, and for the frustration you're experiencing conceiving again.