Need help w/ my chart!

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Need help w/ my chart!
Fri, 10-31-2008 - 3:11pm

This is my first cycle of clomid and I got my first pos opk at 7am on cycle day 15. Does it look like I ovulated? I haven't mastered chart reading just yet....

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Fri, 10-31-2008 - 7:06pm

Well, the temps don't confirm it yet, but it looks like your CM is drying up in sync with the +OPK. I see that your last few temps are open circles -- is that because the temp was taken at a different time. That could be important to your chart. Right around O, it is really important to take your temp at the same time each morning and do your best to get an accurate temp.

Your next few days of temps will tell you whether or not you have O'd. Let us know how it goes!

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Mon, 11-03-2008 - 11:37pm
Well, you definitely O'd, but pinpointing exactly when is tricky due to the missing temps on your chart.