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I am knew here and starting out the charting thing. My hubby and I are the proud parents of b/g twins born in 06. We are TTC # 3 and maybe # 4 if we are blessed with twins again. We had them naturally no fertility drugs. I started a fertility chart on here and I was just wondering why it says that I am fertile for like 10 days or more I thought you were only fertile for like 4 days out of the month. Am I not doing something right here? Any help would be appreciated


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Hello and welcome!

In hindsight, we end up with about 7 days of possible fertility each cycle. Sperm can live up to 5 days in fertile CM. Then, the egg can live 12 hours or so and a second egg can be released within 24 hours of the first, so that pushes the fertile window out a couple more days.

Since we don't have the luxury of hindsight when we are in the middle of our cycle, our potentially fertile days can be a lot more. Anytime you have CM present, you assume you are potentially fertile. That could be part of why the software is telling you what it is.

Feel free to share your chart link with us if you'd like more specific input. :o)

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