New here but looking for opinions

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New here but looking for opinions
Fri, 12-12-2008 - 9:32am

Hi all. I have a 20 month old son and was a user of these message boards when I was TTC #1 and during my pregnancy. I have found it to be a good source of information and help. So I am looking for some opinions. Hopefully I can link my chart correctly so you can look at it. Anyway, I had a very faint + hpt on Monday followed by 2 -'s on Tuesday. I also had a blood test done on Tuesday and the Dr said there was an HcG count of 19 at 14dpo. She believes it will be a chemical pregnancy because I got a faint + which indicates an HcG lvl of 20 or higher and since it has been falling. (2nd blood test next week) However I took yet another hpt yesterday and got a faint +. Now my temps are dropping. Geez, lots of back story. So my question is are the dropping temps an ominous sign? Or could I still be pregnant? I have heard that dropping temps can indicate a miscarriage or other complications. Is this accurate? No sign of period yet. No spotting. No cramps. Nothing. Please give me some insight. I am driving myself nuts over here!

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Sat, 12-13-2008 - 7:11am

I'm sorry about the confusion and the emotions this has caused.