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Fri, 03-19-2010 - 1:59pm

Hello! I'm 25, been married almost six years. We just decided to try to get pregnant, so I started charting- literally three days ago, and I'm already confused. I read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" which was helpful, but I have a kinda erratic sleep schedule so what do I do about that? I usually go to bed at 11 or 12am, but we have a kitten that gets me up every two or three hours with this annoying and incessant meowing (we're working on breaking him of it).

Anyway, is this messing up my temps? The last few days I take my temp at about 6:30 am, and day one and three it was under 97 degrees. Day 2 it was exactly 98.6, which makes me think I didn't actually press the button or something, heh. So is there something I should be doing to make up for my weird sleep schedule? Thanks!