Please help w/ my charts. No O??

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Please help w/ my charts. No O??
Wed, 02-04-2009 - 10:35pm

I'm trying to understand why my charts haven't showed ovulation. I thought the red line was the ovulation day but I realized that there's supposed to be an egg and a pink highlight in the row. What are the red lines?

I'm so confused.

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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 11:07pm


Wow, that's a tough one!!! Your pre-O temps are really high... that is unsual.



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Thu, 02-05-2009 - 3:24pm

I agree with Laura...your temps are very "all over the place" so make sure you're using a BBT thermometer and taking your temp at the same time every day so you can have the most accurate chart possible.

The charting software is basically making an educated guess about your cycle, partly because your temps vary so much, and partly (I'm guessing) because you're new to charting and don't have any charting history for the software to "look at" and compare this cycle to.