Please look at my chart =)

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Please look at my chart =)
Sun, 04-18-2010 - 9:49pm

I started charting this month because I had no idea when I ovulate and still dont. I dont really think FF was accurate on the ovulation date. However, yesterday I took a test and got a very very faint line after the time had expired. I took another one this morning and it kind of looks like maybe another second line was going to show but never did. So I put yesterdays on the chart as a + because I have been told a + is a + and today since I didnt actually see the line I put -. Now for my questions, does anyone else agree that FF putting my O date last Saturday was correct? I thoought it was going to be on CD 13.

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Mon, 04-19-2010 - 2:24pm
I think FF has your O date right.