PLEASE PLEASE look at my chart

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PLEASE PLEASE look at my chart
Mon, 11-10-2008 - 1:53pm

since i have a usual 31 day cycle and was on day CD 21, the ivillage calender planner told me i was post ovulatory and infertile on saturday even though ovulation had never been detected thermally, i guess cause it was just "too late" in my cycle. this is my first month charting and BBTing and checking cerv and fluid etc so last week i entered ewcm since i had a little stretch. well my fiance (yes i was only charting to learn for AFTER the wedding) and i were "together" several times between friday and saturday. sunday morning and sunday night i checked up there and found what i think must be TRUE ewcm. and it DID look just like eggwhites. 3-4 inch stretch. that couldn't still be left from him after 24 hours right? doesn't the man's "contribution" liquify and come on out at LEAST by the next day? so could i have just O'd late? cerv was high soft and open. has been for a long time (prob almost 2 wks) actully seems like.

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Mon, 11-10-2008 - 10:16pm

Unfortunately, I can't see your chart, so I can't comment on it specifically. You need to e-mail the sharing link to yourself and then copy and paste it here for us. We'd be happy to give input on it if you repost the link. :o)

Usually, seminal residue is gone within about 24 hours. In my NFP classes, we learned to mark CM as "semen obscured" for 24 hours after any BDing. So, if you BD'd Saturday morning, it is possible you still had residual semen Saturday night. It can be hard to distinguish between EWCM and semen. One trick is to put it in a cup of water and stir it up. Semen will break apart and kind of dissolve where as CM doesn't. I've never done it, myself, but I know some women who say that it works.

If you O later in your cycle, then you can expect to see AF later in your cycle. However, since this is your first month of charting, you don't know how long your typical luteal phase is (the LP is the time between ovulation and AF), so you still really don't know when to expect AF, even if you know when you O'd. Does that make sense? A woman's LP is usually very consistent, varying only by 1-2 days from cycle to cycle. If a woman has irregular cycles, it is the time prior to O that varies.

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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 10:05pm

Ditto to what Susan said...I just wanted to welcome you here and say that yes, if you O later in your cycle, your cycle should then be longer than it would have been if it were shorter.