Questioning my O date??

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Questioning my O date??
Sun, 02-15-2009 - 5:32pm

Any chart experts, feel free to let me know what you think. In fact, please do : ) I orignally thought I o'd on CD 13 when I got a sl. pos OPK the eve of the 12 and a def pos OPK on the 13. Structured all the bd'ing around that basically. So FF gave me crosshairs, but a week later or so I have another thermal shift that is more pronounced. I stopped checking OPKs after the first negative one after the positive. I was wondering if maybe my body geared up to O, but didn't, early around CD13, and then O'd later? According to the first O date, I am 15dpo and had a BFN on 13dpo. Still no period yet, so I will be testing again tom. Of course, if I have calculated my O date wrong, when I tested was far too early anyways.

This is my first month temping and I am confused : / Too make matters worse, the two low temps I had post-o were on days I did shift work so I do not even know how reliable they are; I slept during the day and took the temp after waking in the afternoon instead of sleeping at night and taking temps after waking in the morning like every other day.



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