Shamless self promotion!

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Shamless self promotion!
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:29am
I tried posting this before, but it didn't work. Will try again, with a shorter message!

I have my own business, and I have just gotten it on the web! ( woo hoo for me!) It took me 3 months to build my site! I have some work to do with my pictures, but it is up. I make baby stuff ( diaper cakes, blankets, gifts for moms, bibs) If you want to check it out, here is the link. There is an email link at the bottom of the page if you have ? or you can post them here! Like I said, my pics need help, so don't be too hard on me!


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 5:13pm
Hey, that looks really cute! Saving the link so i have it if I need it :-) Sue