weird cycle

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weird cycle
Wed, 04-22-2009 - 10:48am

Hello all,

This is being the weirdest cycle ever in my life. After months charting BBT and ovulation kit results and having all basically regular (ovulation kit positive Day 16, high Temp starting day 18), this month is being different, I do not know why.
I am at Day 23 and I had positive ovulation kits for 3 days but my temps are oscillating between 97.2. and 97.1 for the last 5 days (no rise yet).

Does anybody had this type of event before? I am a very regular person so it is scary. I am not doing anything different (diet, exercise, stress, traveling...)than other cycles, we are only having more IC due to these confusing results.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Fri, 04-24-2009 - 4:50pm
You know, I think our bodies like to mess with our heads every once in a while, by throwing in a wringer cycle just to keep us on our toes.