Where to start? :)

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Where to start? :)
Sat, 01-01-2011 - 4:41pm

So I'm thinking of starting to chart in order to get pregnant again. I have 1 little boy who turned 2 on Christmas eve, and I have 2 angels (1 ectopic in July and 1 miscarriage with a D&C on Dec.3). I'm not sure that I;m completely ready to start TTC again, but I want to start charting, so I can learn when I ovulate. Since losing my tube and ovary to my ectopic angel, my cycles are signifigantly shorter than they used to be, so I used to ovualte on day 14 and now I think I'm somewhere around 9-12. So any help would be much appreciated!!

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Sun, 01-02-2011 - 1:08am

Hi Courtney.

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