Who'd of thought

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Who'd of thought
Sat, 12-10-2011 - 11:44am

that this chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35c587 would be a BFP! We went to CO to have thanksgiving with DH's step-dad's family (isn't that a mouthfull) and I forgot my thermometer :( And on our way back up and in the days that followed, we had all but decided to hold off a couple months because I quit my job and I'm starting school in Jan so finances are really up in the air right now. So I didn't bother getting taking my temps, cause I figured I'd just start again next cycle. Go figure that the first month I get DH fully on board with BDing every other day from a few days before the earliest I'd O'd is the month we catch :-D

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Mon, 12-12-2011 - 3:22pm

Oh, those unexpected little surprises

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Mon, 12-26-2011 - 7:36pm
Congrats!!!!! :) H&H 9 months!