Madelyn Elizabeth 1/11/12

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Madelyn Elizabeth 1/11/12
Tue, 01-17-2012 - 3:40am

Hello ladies! Well, our little bundle of joy decided to arrive a day earlier than her scheduled arrival date! I started having contractions that were 10 minutes apart around 4 AM on the 11th. I also noticed blood and mucus when I went to the bathroom, so I called the doctor. He had me go to the hospital, and when they checked my cervix, I was 2 cm. (I was still closed at my appointment the day before.) My BP was also through the roof again, so, they decided to do the C-Section on the 11th. While it was a whirlwind of emotions, being totally prepared for my C one day and being told it was the day before, everything went super smoothly.

And I was TOTALLY shocked when they pulled out our beautiful BABY GIRL! I would have bet my life savings that we were having a boy!

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Tue, 01-17-2012 - 3:27pm

Congratations Kelly!

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Tue, 01-17-2012 - 4:37pm

Congrats! Glad both mom and baby are doing well. I love the picture with the pink bow.

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Tue, 01-17-2012 - 6:19pm


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Tue, 01-17-2012 - 7:14pm


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Tue, 01-17-2012 - 8:49pm
Congrats Kelly!!! She is too cute :) Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 9:05am
Congrats Kelly! I think its so funny we had surprise girls! God definitely has a sense of humor. She is precious.


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 9:32am

Congrats, Kelly! LOVE the pictures. She is absolutely beautiful.


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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 9:00pm

Congrats on your little girl. She is georgous!

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Sun, 01-22-2012 - 12:57pm


Congratulations on your beautiful baby GIRL!!!!

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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 7:49pm
What a beauty! She is sooo precious. Congrats, what a blessing!

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