Infertility Support Group

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Infertility Support Group
Thu, 09-17-2009 - 11:09pm

A month ago I set out to start an infertility support group. It worked! Now, there are 6 of us who meet once a week. It's casual and comfortable. It's great to meet in person and talk without limits. Although our paths vary, we totally understand the deep emotions attached to infertility. We share our tales from the week (doctor visits, treatments, HPTs, etc.) We've become stronger. For the first time in years I don't feel alone! It's been amazing - I finally have a group of friends who understand.

Our group has been so successful, we want to share the good that can come from it. When I started looking for a support group I thought someting already existed, but either I couldn't find a group that wasn't too specific (which means I didn't fall into the category "they" wanted) or I had to pay. I have put so much money towards treatment that I didn't want to pay to make friends. Because of this, we created a website to help people connect for free. A hug can go a long way :0)

There is also a YouTube video. It's helpful for family and friends who don't know what to say - or end up saying something hurtful. The video is also nice for those of us struggling - it shows that our feelings are real and perfectly okay to have :0) We do not need to feel guilty for desiring a family.