Just keeps getting stranger

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Just keeps getting stranger
Mon, 10-05-2009 - 4:23pm

I've posted about my cycle being out of whack with spotting & high temps due to a cyst.

I should have O'd about a week ago but I didn't so I figured maybe O would be late & therefore AF would be late... no big deal, inconvenient yes but definitely not the worst thing that can happen.

Well Sat my temp dropped & AF showed up. WTH!!

I called my doctor this morning because she said the next time AF shows to call the office so we can schedule an US to see if the cyst is still there. After waiting 6 hours I had to call back.

I can't really blame the nurse for not calling me back. The receptionist put the reason for my call was that I had a question about AF, huh!!

I'm pretty sure that there are more pressing matters at my doctors office than a patient calling to ask a question about her period, lol!!

I did summarize a bit when I called but I mentioned a cyst, no ovulation, AF and an US being needed and all she took away from the call was I had a question about AF, really??

Sorry for the rant. I feel like nothing is going right.

Update: I finally got an US appointment but by the way things have been going I bet the cyst is probably still there & probably even bigger:(

Ok I feel better now. Thanks for reading!





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Tue, 10-06-2009 - 12:50pm
FXD the cyst is gone!