Lap scheduled for 6/30/04

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Lap scheduled for 6/30/04
Fri, 06-25-2004 - 1:12pm
Hi all.

Well this is the latest. DH and I had pretty much decided to take a long break from all of this. June 7th our 3rd injectables cycle failed when AF showed up 4-5 days early. While talking to the RE about this he told us he wanted to do a laperoscopy (sp?) before we go on. He said that normally it would be done much earlier but that he figued I was young and there wouldn't be problems. Now, after 4 clomid cycles (2 cancelled cycles, 2 failed cycles with IUI) and 3 injectable cycles (2 failed with IUI, 1 ended in chem. pg), he wants to do this. I guess we are feeling that at least this will give some answers, but I also am frustrated that he didn't do it sooner.

As I am off from work for the summer, I will be in and out, but know that I am praying for you all. I will update you next week on how the lap went.

Hugs to all,


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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 9:15pm
Debbie,Good Luck honey with laparoscopy.It's not bad at all.

Keep us posted.Hugs,Tatiana

P.S.Enjoy your summer.

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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 3:37pm


I am so glad that you are having the LAP.

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Fri, 06-25-2004 - 1:33pm
Good Luck Debbie! I had a lap done on 5/17 and it was not bad at all. Hopefully this will give you some answers.