need some venting.

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need some venting.
Thu, 01-21-2010 - 7:06pm
I went to the RE this morning for a follie check since day 12 had 2 of them less than 12mm. What's bizarre is my E2 is at 175. weird. Anyway, today (day 14) had them maybe a mm bigger. not where they were supposed to be at all. the RE said i could start provera, or I could come back Monday to have one more check (day 19), then start provera. I opted for Monday. I have so many questions, and am frustrated that the diagnostic cycle i had more follies and ovulated, but since I've been on clomid my follie growth is slowing and haven't ovulated. I'm so confused. My husband is losing patience (i don't think he understands that RE is not always a black and white answer). He thinks that if 50 mg of clomid didn't work for me, why not go right to 200 mg. I'm trying to explain to him treatment protocols and an order of events, but now he says he wants a second opinion of a different RE. He doesn't understand why the RE is not "treating" my underlying conditions (insulin resistance, pcos, hypothyroid) and is only treating my follie growth. I am already on met from my regular endocrinologist, along with already being treated for thyroid issues, but hubby says that the RE should be monitoring this each cycle. I would appreciate any advice on how I could calm him down. I am bringing him with me to my next ultrasound on Monday so he can ask whatever questions he can in the 5-7 minutes we are in the room with the RE. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So frustrated!!!!!

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Fri, 01-22-2010 - 10:25am

How frustrating! I am sorry your E2 level is so low and you showed minimal growth. I was hoping things would've gone better for you since your first check.

As far as DH goes, I think you are SO right having him go with you to your next appt!!! My DH at first was hit or miss with going and now he goes to everything unless it is just a blood draw. He would always say, "did you ask this" "did you ask that" and it drove me nuts. You are always so overwhelmed when you're there and frankly half the questions I asked I never listened to the answer to (especially on the bad news appt's) because I was so caught up in the whole thing.

And if you are already on met and have your thyroid under control I can understand why your RE isn't checking it.

So on Monday I hope they give you a plan for next cycle if needed, maybe changing up the type of medication will help you ovulate? I guess what works one time may not necessarily work the next. Why can't our bodies just cooperate??



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