new to board but not infertility

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new to board but not infertility
Tue, 07-19-2011 - 7:37pm

Ok, I feel like I need to go to a support group or something, I am a well educated female age 36 with a happy marriage (second marriage, first one ended when I started pressuring him for kids, so he walked out. NICE)

We have one child age 6,a beaultiful and brilliant little girl.

But I can't get pg... I haven't been on any BC in over 10 yrs, tried fo 5 with my ex hubby, nothing,

With my second hubby on the first month, BOOM! pg, totally unplanned.

Now we have been trying for a year, I'm starting round 4 of clomid (150mg this time)

and my idiot friend who has 3 kids by 2 men announced she is knocked up by the turd she mved in with who treats her like sht. We had a falling out today and I'm pretty sure our friendship is over.


Clomid makes me depressed and bitchy, but really, I'm so freaking tired of watching other idiots who have no money, no job, no common sense reproduce like rabbits when I am a great mother who desires just one more to feel like her family is complete.


Plus I work at a university so it seems like all of my students are getting pg. I'm having seret fantasies that one will offer to give me their kid for adoption...

It is so unfair.

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Wed, 07-20-2011 - 5:27pm

I KNOW!!! Although I do have one, I remember how bad I felt when I was ttc with the ex and nothing was happening. It just occurred to me that I have spent 10 years hoping I would get pg... That is ALOT of pg tests!

And the idiots around me just keep reproducing.

I'm not pc about it, I have to be PC at work for my profession but here, in the anonymous world of the internet, I can be the true raging bitch that I

Yes, it is a sucky little club to be in..

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Wed, 07-20-2011 - 12:49pm

Ugh!! Welcome (not that any of us WANT to be here!). I totally hear you guys about seeing losers breed like bunnies! I work in a University Hospital and see crazy stuff all the time!! So many kids who are in foster care b/c they are born to mothers who don't want them or have serious addictions...can't I just have one baby?!?!


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Wed, 07-20-2011 - 12:25pm

Welcome to the board...sorry you find yourself here but it's a great place full of support from some awesome ladies.

Your post made me LOL several times. It's just that I totally feel the same way and I'm sick of being PC and pretending it doesn't bother me.

Jemma (35) and DH, (37). Married October 13, 2007 and TTCing since April 2008. Dealing with PCOS, swollen tubes, and also MFI. Committing myself to getting healthy and losing weight in preparation for IVF later in 2012.