new to this group, but glad I found it.

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new to this group, but glad I found it.
Sun, 02-26-2012 - 9:33am
My name is talea, im 23 years old and I had my one and only child at 16. After the birth of my daughter I was very sick, later diagnosed with POS, PID, and a few other minor problems that together resulted in me never having another baby. Now being told this at 17 did not seem like a big deal, but now that im older its completely devestated me. Im mocked with pregnancy dreams, friends who dont deserve children calling to tell me they are in fact pregnant, and the harsh reality of never being able to go through An experience that I throughly enjoyed even though I was so young. I love my daughter, I loved every minute of my pregnancy, labor and delivery included, I didnt have help from anyone, so all the "icky" moments of having a baby I loved, I loved the sleepless nights and waking up to a screaming newborn. Some days im consumed with this, its all I think about, I cant help but break down several times a day. I cant help but get angry when a friend calls to tell me about their new experiences with their pregnancies. I believe everything happens for a reason but I cannot grasp what ive done to deserve this. I hate my body, I hate my genetics, and everything thats taken a part in my infertility. Im only 23, and I will never again be able to have another baby.
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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 3:57pm
((Hugs)) Talea I'm so sorry, IF is so painful in so many ways. But it is so nice to hear from other women who are also going through this, and I hope that the board helps. No one deserves this, and I know I have those dark feelings too- especially feeling betrayed by my own body. I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. I hope you KUP with how you are doing.

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Mon, 02-27-2012 - 12:41pm
Big (((HUGS)) Talea, I'm so sorry you find yourself going through this :( You didn't deserve this at all, it's just not fair that this happened to you. Have you talked with a fertility specialist recently to see if there is any improvements from your issues or is there no hope at all with that? We'll be here for you.

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Mon, 02-27-2012 - 2:51am
((Big hugs)) I am so sorry. IF is so unfair. However having these girls around helped me a lot. Sometimes I feel like the moment its hard for me to have a baby everyone else can. I know talking here with women who understand was huge.


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