P&PT for Tatiana and Joe - m (loss)

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P&PT for Tatiana and Joe - m (loss)
Fri, 04-16-2004 - 11:14pm

One of our members Tatiana (tati_1) who posted above about getting a +++ just found out it was an ectopic pg.  Let's all pray for her and her DH as they cope with their loss.

Here is a link to a post she made on another board:  http://messageboards.ivillage.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=iv-ppttcdepress&msg=1153.1&ctx=0

Love, Lauren


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Sat, 04-17-2004 - 8:16am
Lauren,my dear friend.First of all I'm absolutely happy to see you back as Cl of this board.I missed you so much.And second thank you so very much for your kind words you always find in your heart ,for support I always had from you.

Also huge thanks to all of you great wonderful ladies who replied to my post.It means world to me and just a thought how many of you cared and thought about me makes this pain disappear.

Talk to you all soon and thank you again.


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Sat, 04-17-2004 - 10:41am
damn that completely stinks Tati, I am deeply sorry for your loss. we're here if you need us -
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Tue, 04-27-2004 - 4:52pm

I am so sorry for your loss. Although I am "new again" to this board (took break) and do not know you, you are in my thoughts and prayers.