Pregnancy Envy

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Pregnancy Envy
Tue, 08-18-2009 - 3:52pm

Hi Ladies,

My name is Claire Bidwell Smith and I'm working on a book about pregnancy envy. I'm including voices and stories from real women in the book and am looking for contributors.

Your can remain anonymous and if you are chosen to be quoted in the book you will be notified first and given a chance to approve your inclusion.

I'm looking for all kinds of stories that center around you having mixed feelings about the pregnancy of a close friend or family member. I'd like to hear about how you found out about the pregnancy, why you're upset about it (can be all kinds of reasons, not just infertility), how you handled it and what your friendship is like now.

I'm a writer living in Chicago ( and have experienced my own share of pregnancy envy and a whole slew of other confusing and negative emotions surrounding the pregnancy of my girlfriends. I'm now a mother myself and have experienced both sides of the fence. I think this is a really important subject and that there isn't enough support and acknowledgement of what it feels like to have a hard time with someone else's pregnancy.

I'd love to hear from you and would also love it if you wanted to pass this along to other women you feel might want to contribute. Please email me at to contribute or with questions.