Problems with a co worker

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Problems with a co worker
Sun, 10-11-2009 - 3:33pm
     Hi, all... I need to vent about a co worker... I have had problems with her for a while now & feel alienated now at work, b/c no one else on the team ever had to go through IF & they all take her side.  Well, she knew what I was going through (3 years of failed fert. treatments - 6 IUI's & 4 IVF's) & has made so many insensitive comments that I pretty much just ignore her.  She is the teacher across the hall.  I try to be professional at team meetings, tried telling her that she is being insensitive to what I am going through, etc & she still make digs at me all the time, like talking real loud about someone's baby being there & reminiscing about when she was pregnant (which was 18 years ago-lol.)  At the last meeting when we were discussing test results, I was talking & then she had to look at me & say that she did not get all her tests marked b/c she had Hockey practice for her son... like acting competive at work & using motherhood as an excuse for being late or not having her work done.  She is soooo annoying!  I try to avoid her as much as possible.  It is hard though because I used to be good friends with the other teachers on the team & instead of feeling sorry for me, they feel sorry for her because she said that she feels bad that I ignore her... :(... & they take her side & say that I should get over it (her insensitive comments & my IF problems)  & I can't :(!!!  It is so hard to find supportive friends!!!  Thanks for listening!  Marisa 
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Sun, 10-11-2009 - 3:55pm
Hugs Marisa!
That woman sounds horrible, I am so sorry you have to work in such close proximity with someone so insensitive. It almost sounds like she is trying to get to you. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction and just ignore her. I'm so sorry you have to put up with that, but glad you can come on here and vent about it!
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Sun, 10-11-2009 - 5:05pm
I'm so sorry Marisa, she sounds just horrible.

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Mon, 10-12-2009 - 12:52am
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What a PITA she is! I agree with Izzy, she really needs to be the center of attention and unfortunately you are the way she is making that happen. If it were me I would kill her with kindness that way she isn't "winning" at her stupid little game. Ask her about her kids, she will be totally blind-sighted.



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Hi Marisa!

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Why should you get over it? She is being completely rude & insensitive to you. I don't blame you for ignoring her. How would those other friends feel if it were them she was being so rude to?

I cannot even fathom how someone can make rude comments about someone going thru IF. She sounds very immature.

I am so sorry you have to deal with this. You need supportive people around you right now.

Big (((hugs))) to you.


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Tue, 10-13-2009 - 9:06pm