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I was riding my moped and a car hit me and I was seriously injured. So I have been unable to return to my job at a doctor's office. My husband works for a really small company (four people including the owner). It is the owner, his son, his brother and my husband. My husbands boss says to him today "So if your wife gets a big settlement are you going to quit here" And my husband said no, he would stay. His boss turns to him and says "well, don't try and have kids it isn't a good idea for her to try and get pregnant with fertility meds while I am trying to get out of town jobs".....WHAT? Seriously??? Than I went to my former workplace to clean up my desk and the other lady that works there (who knows about my IF) asks how I am doing after the accident and tells me that she has some really good news for me.......her daughter is pregnant, for the second time in two years. How is that good news for me? She has always been really nasty because I saved all of my vacation time last year and took three weeks off at once to do the IVF (nearest clinic is 7 hours away) and she was mad that she had to work more hours. But she said it in this nasty way that made me feel worse than what she actually said. Than

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Ugh - That is just horrible!

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Sometimes I do not have words for what people do or say. I think that is why I tell no one about my IF issues. At least then I can simply wander away from conversations about babies and people just think I have a short attention span. Lol which I think is better.

I am so sorry you are faced with these problems. At least you know you have us ladies! Try and breath then go make a big brownie for yourself (that is my plan soon).


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UGH!!! What is wrong with people? I swear the common decency gene is dying! And no, there is no cure for stupidity sadly. All I can say is that this is a place that you can come to anytime and we'll know where you're coming from. (((HUGS)))

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I am sorry you are having a rough time. Life at times seems to very overwhelming and we have all been there. I know for me anytime someone talks about my IF I either get really upset or angry depending on what is said. People do not always realize the pain that we carry everyday and someone's joy is not always ours. Anytime I hear that someone is expecting its a constant reminder of what I do not have and want. My neighbor who I consider to be a close friend decided to tell me 1 week after my MC that her brother is expecting and all the drama that it is doing in the family and that she knows I am the one person she can vent to about it. REALLY!!!! I could have slapped her in the face over it. People just do not think. I hope that you start to feel better and know that this is a place where we all understand eachother.

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oooh, hugs! I am so sorry you're going through all of this at once. People can be really insensitive and cruel sometimes, they just don't think about other people's feelings, especially during such an emotional time. I hope you are ok from the accident and it doesn't interfere too much with your ttc. Just hang in there, it will get better in time and at least now you don't have to be around that nasty coworker all the time. Focus on healing and calming your body and your heart to prepare to welcome a little baby into both. Forget about everything else and just spend your energy on yourself, you deserve it. <3

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Infertility, in and of itself, should really be more than enough to try and deal with at any given time....but....that's just not how it works. Sometimes, every few months or so, life seems to pile up a whole lot of...crap. I know it doesn't help much, but you're not alone....don't know about others, but it happens to me every couple months or so. The bright side is that life is never all bad. Yes, there are plenty of tough days, but you should also have some really good days ahead, too. Hang in there. Cry your tears, then chin'll be okay. Oh, by the way, horrible people usually get theirs, so don't give the co-worker another thought...I'm sure life will knock her down, too.
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