She's having TWINS!!!??? WHAT!!!???

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She's having TWINS!!!??? WHAT!!!???
Wed, 03-18-2009 - 1:46pm

Remember the friend that I told you all about a few weeks ago? The one who has NO business being a mother because of her drinking, smoking, mental (depression, possibly suicidal) and relationship problems that include a recent DUI, a BF who faces two years in prison for a felony DUI that shes known all of three months now...? Remember her? Well today she called to inform me that she is having TWINS! Yeah... it runs in her family. WTF??? Seriously. This is ridiculous. This is the universe LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY at me.



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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 1:54pm

I just dont get it! Why oh why?

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 2:10pm
Oh no way!?!?! That is insane. Will she let me adopt them?


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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 2:16pm
UUUUUUUGH and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR are about the nicest things I can say to this cruel joke.


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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 3:10pm

I just posted in my SG aboout my nephew and his new baby. They have a 2 bedroom trailer and now 4 kids. It also a very messy, cluttered home. None of them work. Of course neither are we now, but we could afford a baby when he goes back to work. It's so not fair that so many people like this get what we want. I knew a lady who drank, smoked and NEVER went to the doctor when she was PG, she's had 5 kids. AARRRGGGGG

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 3:13pm

Well, at least the kids will have eachother.

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 3:31pm
That just sucks Jen.

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 3:42pm


I was on an adoption site one time and saw this really cute 5 yr old girl. It was saying how she is developmentally behind, can't speak and points to everything. I felt really bad and then read that she has an identical twin sister with the same problem. All I could think about was that this was the mothers fault, not only did she do this to 1 child but to another as well. She should be put in jail. It just fricken ticks me off. I'd take those babies in a heart beat. It's so unfair for her to have them. UGGHHH! I know it's got to be so

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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 4:23pm


Not fair, not fair, not fair. NOT FAIR!!!



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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 7:30pm

AWFUL. But maybe they will set her straight???? GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 7:43am