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I don't understand why every single time I get AF, someone I know is announcing they are pregnant! Seriously.. it's not even cool. And what makes it worse, its always the most irritating people on the planet!I'm just frustrated. I'm having a HORRIBLE day at work, plus I slept like 4 hours last night and I have AF so I'm super hormonal. Then I pop onto facebook and I see "I'm 7 weeks pregnant. My baby is the size a blueberry!" And this is a girl who irritated the crap out of me and flirted with my husband and any other guys that crossed her path! GGGGGGRRRRRR

Speaking of iritating people and their inappropriateness with my husband. Since I'm venting, let me add in that I CAN'T STAND my husband's boss. This girl is an idiot and I'm pretty sure she has a huge crush on my hubby and she had the NERVE when she found out the we were having trouble having kids to 1. assume it was me and 2. tell him she would have the baby for us!!! Are you kidding me??? You're his freaking manager you idiot and no I do not want you to have my husband's baby!! Anyways, that happened a month or so ago, but I'm frustrated today overall so I figured I would share

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Thu, 07-22-2010 - 2:52pm

(((Hugs))) to you.


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I'm so sorry... doesn't it always seem like the irritating people have to surface when we're in these kinds of moods?

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((Big Hug)) How terrible! I understand the frustration and even anger, at least on my part, about people complaining about PG symptoms.


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I totally agree.. The people who complain about being pregnant irritates me the worst... Like are you kidding me? Really? When I finally do get pregnant, I don't care how sick I feel. I'll hang over that toilet, throwing up singing "hallelujah, thank you Jesus!" LOL

My hubby's boss is lucky that my husband requires I have self control when interacting with the people who pay him.. lol If not, I would have slapped her clear in her face. Then she tells me all the time about all these other girls who have a crush on my DH at work. I told her straight to her face "I'll slap anyone who tries to get with my man" Hopefully she got the hint.. lol I seriously wanted my husband to file a complaint with her manager though. I found it so completely inappropriate.

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Big ((hugs)), I'm sorry.


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I'm so sorry you're feeling irritated.


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First of all, BIG HUGS to you!

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