12 DPO symptons AHHH!??!?

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12 DPO symptons AHHH!??!?
Wed, 08-04-2010 - 1:33pm

I''m still very new to this...

I have been trying for well over a year, and am on my second round of clomid.  I'm going crazy- all my friends just got there BFPs within 2 weeks of each other, and I'm still here... still trying! ICK!

So... Last cycle I ovulated on day 16, my 6 dpo progesterone was 13... got my period on day 32.  This cycle... I ovulated on day 15, my 6 dpo progesterone was 21!! yay! much better...

so now i'm 12 dpo... i shouldn't get my period til this weekend (being that last month it was 16 days after ovulation)..

so for the past 2 days ive had a crazy headache that i can't kick... also, today i started having AF type cramps and lots of extra CM.. to the point I keep running to the bathroom assuming AF came early...

any thoughts? i'm sure i'm totally overreacting, cuz isn't that what we do?! i did take a test last night (which was stupid) and of course, it was negative...





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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 5:12pm

Hi Tiffany! I'm sorry you are going through IF.

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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 7:40pm

Hey Tiffany!

I know what it feels like to be waiting to O and then waiting AGAIN to find out if it was your lucky O. I would agree and say testing in the morning is probably your best bet. I end of having a lot of CM before AF now, oddly enough more so now since I was on the Clomid then before. But that is not to say either way because the one time I got PG I had no symptoms.


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"Even miracles take a little time." ~ Fairy Godmother: Cinderella