Ideas for my sis

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Ideas for my sis
Thu, 11-18-2010 - 1:53pm


I am new here but know the message boards well. I am here looking for some helpful hints and or advice for my younger sister. She is 48, married to a wonderful man but has never been able to get pregnant. She hasn't explored the 'whys' as completely as most of you but always wanted children and is so sad sometimes about not having experienced that joy.

What I am looking for are some ideas other than adoption or fostering to include children in her life. She was studying at one time to become a teacher and I have tried to encourage her to finish her degree. She works as a waitress - a job she loves - but the clientle is primarily older people. I have tried to think and suggest volunteer opportunities that involve children such as hospitals, CASA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters........anyone else have any ideas????

I think it's becoming more apparent to her that the 'dream' is really over as she is perimenopausal. Her emotions are all over the place and it's so hard to see her so unhappy. I have raised 4 kids and I can't even imagine the desperation one feels wanting children and not being able to have them. I pray that each and everyone of you out there can find the solution to end your struggle and find peace and happiness in life.

Thanks for any new ideas you can share......


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Thu, 11-18-2010 - 2:06pm

Welcome. I think it is very sweet for you to look for things for your sister. I think your ideas are great. Sometimes libraries are also looking for people to help to story time. That might be a possibility too.


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Sat, 11-20-2010 - 12:08pm

I don't have a new idea for you, but I wanted to say that I LOVED


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Tue, 12-21-2010 - 12:20pm
I just wanted to say it is really wonderful you are trying to help your sister. And you came to the right place for advice from people who are going through the same thing as your sister. If we all had sisters like you this whole nightmare might be a little easier.