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Male Factor Infertility
Sat, 06-09-2012 - 11:35pm
Hi ladies, I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may actually bring some hope to those of you who have been dealing with mfi while ttc. I'm in that situation. My husband has been on narcotic painkillers for nerve damage for years, even before we got together. Somehow we fell pregnant with DS in '08 but back then we weren't aware on any problems. It wasn't until 6 months after DS was born when we hadn't BD in almost a year that I started to wonder. I thought he wasn't attracted to me, first it was because "he didn't want to hurt the baby" then it was because he didn't want to "hurt me". The fact that id gained a ton of weight wasn't the problem (67lbs). I realized that after id lost 100 lbs by the next year. I was 5'8" and 140lbs, there were a lot of people looking at me, but still not my husband, at least not in a sexual way. After a ton of research I realized he had low testosterone, the doctor confirmed it was really low, because of the long term use of the narcotic pain medication. After about a year and half of trying different methods and doses of synthetic testosterone, and switch to a urologist, we finally found our niche. That was almost two years ago.

Now, at this time I was 28-29 we only had one child and never thought to ask if it would cause us problems having another down the line. I mean, you need testosterone to make sperm right? Well, I finally get the hubby to agree to start trying for another, I stopped taking my bcp, and we were just kind of taking the "let's see what happens approach" before actively ttc. This was January 2011. We continued down that road, and months past without pregnancy until I started doing some research, and found many women in my situation who's husbands had no sperm after being on testosterone injections. I called his urologist and asked him and he said, sterility can happen. I as amazed. Why wouldn't he have told us that in the very beginning?

Armed with new, I made an appointment with endochrinologist, to see if there were any other way for him to boost his testosterone and fertility ( without synthetic t), his answer was no. It was either stop the pain meds, like that's gonna happen, or stop the testosterone, and give up sex. All this was going on around October of last year, that's when we actively started ttc.
From October to February, no luck. Our insurance doesn't cover any sa, or fertility treatments so we were trying to come up with things on our own. I actually found a micro test kit online, where we could actually see Dh sperm through a microscope and do an accurate analysis at home, and for a fraction of the cost. I ordered it, it was here withing two days, and we were testing it out within 5.
It was a devastating blow... not a single sperm in sight. There were little bits and pieces of incomplete sperm, and proteins that are commonly found in sterile men. In just a little over a year since my husband started his injections, he'd gone completely sterile. Something had to be done!

We immediately stopped the testosterone, February 20th was his last injection. I'd read that it could take anywhere from 3-4 months for him to have any healthy sperm, if he would ever produce again. The theory was that his testosterone levels would take a huge dip after stopping the t injections and that would kick start his body to start producing some of his own testosterone naturally. During that significant natural rise, his testes would start mass producing sperm before dropping off again into his lower levels, it's that natural surge that we were hoping for, and it takes about 3 for sperm mature after production.
So the waiting game began. We took a break from ttc, and just tried to relax for the next few months (of I was counting the days).

Skip forward to May, I hadn't checked Dh sperm yet to see if they had come back but low and behold the 20th was just around the corner, I was ovulating that very same weekend, and it also happened to be the exact same time that we conceived DS 5 yrs earlier. It had to be a good month right. So we went ahead and cleared the pipes on the 21st, andd we BD again two days before o and again on o day. I even recreated the circumstances with which I believed got me pregnant the first time :smileywink:. I wasn't really expecting much, I hadn't been charting because its way too stressful for me, it was just a "maybe we'll get lucky" scenario lol. The days past, I had some odd symptoms, but while ttc I've had all the symptoms before without any bfp, so I just took a mental note and set it aside. At about 13dpo I decided to test and sure enough I got light positive. I tested again ( these were all with evening urine) and another positive. I immediately ran to the store to get a digital, and sure enough I got my Pregnant result. I am now 15 dpo and the line is as dark as the control line. We are extatic, and a bit fearful of jinxing it. But, just three short months ago we went from having no sperm, no hope, to having new life enter our family, possibly two <3.

I know this was a very long story, but for months I've felt so very lost and helpless. And there have been few success stories to give me hope. But we decided to take control of our own destiny and make things happen for us. And it worked. I really hope our story helps someone, and brings them hope. I didn't give up, and neither should you.
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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 8:27am
Congrats! I love stories of success!


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