More Clarity Needed for IVF Success Rates

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More Clarity Needed for IVF Success Rates
Mon, 11-04-2013 - 3:32pm

That is the opinion of the outgoing chair of the Human Fertility and Embryology in the UK:

In the broadcast she expresses pride in the regulator's achievements during that time - keeping public confidence in a "fast changing field".

But she says she also has regrets: in particular her difficulties in conveying the drawbacks as well as the benefits of fertility treatment - something she had seen as a personal mission.

She describes success rates as "discouragingly low", leaving two thirds of would-be mothers and fathers with the heartbreak of "failure" after each cycle of IVF.

She also cites the high cost, with the majority of treatments funded privately.

"A couple - and nowadays that means same sex couples as well as traditional ones - is likely to have spent something of the order of £15,000 for the three cycles it is likely to have taken should they be fortunate enough to become pregnant."

She says she tried to raise these concerns but found the media was more interested in stories of "hope" - including medical breakthroughs, celebrity births and tales of miracle babies.

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Do you get inspired by stories of others IVF successes or does it make you feel worse about your own infertility issues?