One Sperm Used in Successful IVF

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One Sperm Used in Successful IVF
Fri, 01-20-2012 - 3:47pm

Today has an article about a couple who had a miracle baby through IVF using only one egg and one sperm:

Kenley was born last April, the result of a long-shot infertility treatment, a case Cleveland Clinic IVF experts say is the first time a single sperm has been frozen, injected into a single egg -- and resulted in a healthy pregnancy.

“It was better than hitting the lottery,” said Jennifer Schiraldi, 33, Kenley’s mom. “This never happens.”

Indeed, even Nina Desai, director of the IVF laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic, hasn’t calculated the odds of Kenley’s conception, which occurred even though her father, Jason, produced no sperm in the regular way, and her mom had trouble producing eggs.