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Hoping somebody out there can help me.  I have been on these infertility boards in the past, but not consistently, so I'll give a little background.

DH and I have been TTC for almost 4 years, when he had a vasectomy reversal.  After hopeful trying for a few months, we had SA done to make sure everything worked well from the surgery.  DH had low county, motility, and poor forward progression.  Our hopes were crushed, but due to financial constraints, we just kept trying the natural way hoping for a miracle.  A few years later DH went to see a urologist who began a round of Clomid in hopes of incresing testosterone.  Almost a year went by trying different dosages.  Finally we make the decision to use donor sperm and try IUI.  This whole time I had been asking my doctors about being tested for anything and was told it likely wasn't necessary since we knew DH had issues and I was pretty regular.

After 3 failed donor IUI attempts, I more or less demanded further testing.  I had an HSG test done, which came back normal.  So we began to try another round of IUI, my first unmedicated cycle, when my follicles stopped growing.  Once again, I asked what testing needed to be done.  I went in a few days later for a few blood draws and was told based on my ultrasounds and AMH tests, it looks like PCOS.  I don't even know if it was a technical diagnosis.  My nurse told me "High levels of AMH often signify PCOS, and looking at your ultrasound it looks like that might be it."

Of course I have a million questions about what it means for my general health as well as our fertility struggles, and she just kept telling me people with PCOS can still get pregnant and they're going to try a different drug.  I feel like I have no answers.  So, if anybody has any experience, please let me know.  It's just very hard for me right now because I know that even on the medication, we also have to spend a lot of money on IUIs and donor sperm.  I'm wondering if it wouldn't just be better to save for IVF?  Although even that might end up being years away with it's cost.

Oh, and then there's Mother's Day...

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Hello, I also have PCOS, and although easy to diagnose most of the doctors don't even care to  treat it. Have you had any other symptoms of PCOS like irregular periods, gaining weight around your mid section (tummy), hairy arms and legs, hair loss, sugar cravings, unexplained weight gain? Usually women with PCOS need help to get pregnant as many of us don't produce enough of the hormone that mature the eggs, and also the one that releases the egg. Sometimes the egg is released too late (ovulation) and this egg will have low quality.

You should try to find an endocrinologist/gynecologist that can treat your condition, usually taking Metformin, diet and exercise. And he can test if you are producing all the right hormones to get pregnant too.  I couldnt' get pregnant on my own.