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Hello All,

I am a 25 year old married woman that has been TTC for over 3 years. I have PCOS and did all the bbt and opk while taking metformin, Clomid and I even tried novarel. My OB kept telling me I was young and that pregnancy would happen. I decided to change OBs this year since she seemed to only do as much as I asked and was not as proactive as I've heard other physicians are. Since changing my OB I have undergone another round of Clomid and will have an hsg next month if unsuccessful this month. I have been mostly keeping my difficulties private, but have been having emotional breakdowns as of this year. I will start crying at the smallest things or become angry over something trivial. My husband who already has a child is not as concerned with our inability to conceive but is trying to be supportive, especially considering my recent behavior. I just feel like the people in my life don't understand my pain. My younger sister has two children and my younger brother has a child as does an older brother with two children. I come from a large family and always wanted a large family of my own. I can't help but feel like a failure as a woman and a person. Everyone says when I stop trying it'll happen, or that if I had children I'd wish I hadn't (since they're such a handful), but that only makes me angrier or more disappointed In myself. I know so many people go through this roller coaster of emotions and just needed someone to listen. Any advice or comments are welcome. Thanks.

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First off, wanted to send you lots of (((HUGS))).  Infertility issues just plain stink, and unless they've been through it, people tend to say the completely wrong thing that causes more pain than it helps.  Stop trying isn't going to get you pregnant.  Relaxing doesn't solve issues you have because of your PCOS.  

It sounds like you are taking the right path in finding a new doctor.    You need one that will be proactive with seeking treatments, and it sounds like they are.   I hope that the hsg will help, some women have found they are more fertile afterwards.  

Allow yourself to be sad, it's okay and actually healthy for you to have an outlet for it.  You don't have to hide here, it's a safe place to vent all your feelings.