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Hey everyone sorry it is really hard for me to get on here but I just wanted to tell everyone some of what has gone on. If any of you remember me I am the one who is 25 and DH is 36 with 2 kids. WHen we got married he said he would like to try and concieve then told me just recenlty no. I had been infertile with my ex. DH has said he would get a reversal but he wants to wait till April. I am way to impatient for that because once he gets it we can't even start trying for a month and then who knows what will happen. I know I am impatient and i should just take it but I feel like maybe he is just saying that to make me happy. I don't know i just am frustrated and not sure what to do. thanks everyone for helping me last time I am sorry i can't get on much to help.

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Thu, 10-21-2010 - 9:51pm

I am so sorry that things are not going well for you. Have you talked to your DH and told him how you feel. Sometimes it pays to sit down with a counselor and be honest. Then there is an impartial mediator to refrase things that perhaps you are not hearing when your partner says it. I know that is a common problem in my own relationship. I think I heard my DH but it turns out he said something completely different. If this is important to you he needs to understand that, and if he really does not want this then you need to know.

I wish you the BEST luck and hope that you can rest easily whatever happens.


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