Timing of IUI After HCG Shot

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Timing of IUI After HCG Shot
Wed, 12-01-2004 - 11:43am

I'll be going for IUI #3 next cycle (took this cycle off due to cyst) -- how long after the HCG shot does O occur? Is it about 24 hours? Can the timing vary much? I ask because it seems to me you want the sperm in there before O, right? So if I get an HCG shot at 9 a.m. one day, and at 9 a.m. the next day we're doing the IUI, theoretically we should be timing things right, but if there's any variation in O timing, our timing could be off, right? I thought there's really only a 12-hour window for fertilization after O. Which, I suppose, if sperm is good for 72 hours or so, the IUI timing should work, but if the O timing differs from what they expect ...

And how do they know when you ovulate? Are we supposed to take it for granted that the HCG shot works as it should?

I just wonder why they don't do the IUI on the same day as the HCG shot, because wouldn't the sperm still be fine the next day? And, when we were trying to conceive naturally, the RE advised us to time things so the sperm was there before ovulation, in anticipation of it. So why not practice the same timing with IUI? On a practical note, doing HCG shot and IUI at the same time would also save a trip and entire morning spent traveling to and being at the clinic ...

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