IUI with low sperm morphology

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IUI with low sperm morphology
Thu, 01-24-2008 - 4:15pm


My SA analysis results showed 1% sperm morphology (Strict criteria) while the count was 171 million and 50% motility.

Our RE recommended to try IUI as the count and motility are normal. We did our first IUI with Clomid-50mg and HCG injection this month and it failed. The sperm count after the wash was 84million and ~80% of washed sperm was motile. We had high hopes due to the count and motility. They didn't perform morphology tests on the washed sperm. Sonogram results showed 2 follicles and my wife ovulated the day after IUI. Everything seem to have gone as expected other than the end result. We are very disappointed :(

We are planning to try again next month. Is there anyone out there who had successful IUI with low sperm morphology?
How many follicles are normally required for increasing chances with IUI?
Is it better to try two IUIs before and after ovulation?

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated