Hi all! New here!

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Hi all! New here!
Mon, 09-30-2013 - 2:06am

\Hi ladies!

I'm new here. I was a member of iVillage WAY back in 2000 after the birth of my first child (born sleeping) but fell away until now. I met some great ladies here and followed their stories.  ;) I find myself back here because we are TTC. In 2011, dh and I lost twins at 18w. After losing them, we learned what was causing the problem and an expensive surgery, that is *not* covered by insurance is what we need to fix it. I have three angel babies and find myself really worried that I'm getting too old...very quickly. When I was a member the first time, I went on to have an HSG and Clomid therapy. At that time, I was diagnosed as inovulatory and advised to have children as soon as I could because I was at risk for early menopause. I also have PCOS. I just turned 33 at the beginning of September. We are trying to save for this surgery as quickly as we can so we don't run out of time and even started a small home business using all the proceeds for the surgery but its been SO slow. I find myself thinking about this much of time. I have good days and bad. Some days I just want to give up.

Have any of you had other options but chose IVF in favor of the controlled setting, verified quality of the eggs, etc?