Starting IVF this fall-advice?

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Starting IVF this fall-advice?
Fri, 08-16-2013 - 9:40am


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years.  We found out 4 years ago that we would need IVF and have been trying to get ourselves together (buying a house, finishing school, etc.)  We are ready to start our cycles and will probably begin in October or November.  Any advice from someone who has gone through this process? 

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Fri, 08-16-2013 - 10:25pm

ive done 2 fresh 2 frozen cycles... make sure youre informed and ask questions sometimes its easier to deal with when you know what lab values and such mean. that being said make sure you go into cycles relaxed and healthy those 2 weeks are intense but you will get through it ! good luck on your cycles hoping you have a baby this time next year:)

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Mon, 09-09-2013 - 10:52pm

Good luck with your upcoming cycle. IVF has changed our lives and our little IVF baby boy turns ONE tomorrow. I went through all the stuff (6 IUIs, 2 losses - one being a twin of my son).

For me, it wasn't as bad as everyone said it was. Sure, there are a lot of shots and contant doctor appointments but it felt like I was doing something. I would say don't schedule anything during the month so you can rest and relax when you can. I lived on this board but sadly, it isn't as busy as it was when I was going through it. It really helps talking with people who are cycling with you or have gone through it.

Good luck! I hope you get your miracle very soon.