It finally happened - hope 4 endo

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It finally happened - hope 4 endo
Sat, 04-04-2009 - 10:40pm

After 10 years, two failed vasectomy reversals and one failed IVF, we are finally pg. It feels so surreal and I catch myself questioning whether this will end in a baby or if something more will happen to get in the way of this dream. I have faith though that this is it, I'm so excited and feel incredibly blessed.

I wanted to give some hope for people battling with the same kinds of problems. I had a failed IVF in November 2008. I transferred two 8 cell embies (one best the other second best) and a 5 cell with frag. BFN. I had laproscopic surgery and two endometriomas removed from each ovary in December. I rested and went through IVF again in March. In my first cycle I seemed to be soo stressed and worried about everything I did and the possibility that it might cause the IVF to fail. While this board is so informative, and I learned a lot, I seemed to obsess that bad things happening to others would happen to me. I lost 10 pounds from ER to the BFN. My friends and family told me I looked so stressed.

This time I decided to do acupuncture that I feel significantly helped me to relax throughout the process. I also didn't read any posts and tried to focus on other things. 3 6-cell embies were transferred (2 2nd best and 1 3rd) and we got a BFP. Beta #1 at 8dp3dt was 37 and beta #2 at 10dp3dt was 100. I go for Beta #3 at 20 dp3dt on 04/08. 

IVF can be successful even though it is such a roller coaster.

Good Luck and Lots of baby dust to you all.

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Sat, 04-04-2009 - 11:00pm


Congratulations to you!

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Mon, 04-06-2009 - 10:07am

Hi Jessica-

Your story gives me hope for two reasons - that you have had experience with endometriomas (the story of my life - they are so annoying!) and you stillgot a BFP, and also that you got a BFP from a 6 celled embie!

We need to hear more success stories from people whose embies aren't the perfect