Praying for all of you!

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Praying for all of you!
Tue, 03-24-2009 - 5:14pm

and hoping you are all holding in there. Miracles can happen....

Things here are fine, 28 weeks and 1 day now, healthy active baby. All that I could wish for, except that more of my buddies were on the other board...

I have a bunch of endo adhesions that are giving frequent contractions, but none of them are changing my cervix, so I am just dealing with it. No more pain meds, the ones I was one for 3 days to each contractions and help pain can cause a heart issue for baby, so I am cold turkey. I have pain with movement, but the contractions stiop me in my tracks, and almost got 911 called on me in dunkies a few weeks ago....

I also have gestational diabetes and gestatinal hypertention. I ahve told Dr that I am not doing any more tests, seems like a waste of time, lets just assume I failed them and start treatments! But, it is all worth it, obvioulsy....

You are all in my prayers. Remember, last try, two eggs, and now a baby boy who is viable outside the womb. There are miracles. I am praying for yours.... CHarity


Charity, 35 years old, TTC #1, Stage 4 endo, 7 Laporoscopies, one "peak and shriek",

Seeing RE for 6 months, day 3 labs FSH 27.5, then fell to 6.5 30 days later with accupuncture and herbs


Presented to "Complicated Case Committee" on 3/26 for clinic approval to seek insurance approval for IVF with my eggs (not donor).. APPROVED FOR 2 IVF CYCLES!

8 eggs harvested!  6 fertilized... Transferred two "perfect" 8 cell day 3 embies on May 20, 3 frozen....

BFN on June 2.... Af arrived on June 4th.... rest cycle, AF arrived on June 27th...

Now In cycle, Started stims on July 25, 600 Gonal F per day.... E2 Check on Wednesday, US hopefully on Friday.... please God, Let this be it...

E2 on 7/30, day 6 of stims, 32.... Day 9, E2 of 74... Cancelled.

Now doing multiple second opinion consults while waiting from plan from RE....

CYCLE #3 underway!!!!!! day 10 of BCPs Sept 3, with massive crippling migraines.... BCPs stopped after fight with RE (me:"I would rather risk stroking out than cancel this cycle" Dr.:"Good to know, but I rarely fo retreivals on women in comas, so stop the BCPs...."), baseline as soon as period comes... Am I suppressed and do I have enough antral follies to proceed??????  Feel free to Pray.....

YES!!! 7 antrals and given the go to stim. First follie check, Monday...Flooie check on 9/8, not so great, E2 only 47.... Check on 9/11, again, not fabulous, little progress seen on follicles and E2 only 97. There is still hope though, it all rides on Monday, 9/15......  Estrogen rises, 846 by 9/18. Retreival on 9/22 gives only 2 eggs...  DAY # TRANSFER of TWO "shockingly perfect" (dr.s words) embies with AH. Beta on Oct. 6th. Third time is a charm... Beta #1=120... Beta #2 10/9/08

Always missing baby S, our darling foster daughter lost to SIDS at 3 months, 9 days....

If you are going through Hell, Keep Going!"        Winston Churchill....


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**Thanks to the lovely and Talented Turtle Girl for MY boulder Blinkie


Charity, 35 years old, TTC #1, Stage 4 endo, 7 Laporos

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Tue, 03-24-2009 - 5:50pm


I was just a lurker when you were on the board - and I remember reading your posts and thinking that IF I ever did another IVF cycle and IF I ever got pregnant I'd feel the same way you did.


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Tue, 03-24-2009 - 8:18pm

Hey Charity!

So good to hear that your baby is doing fine.

Karly - 46/ DH - 47 Newly wed 3 years ago (1st time for both)

2 natural pregnancies ending in M

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Tue, 03-24-2009 - 8:58pm


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Wed, 03-25-2009 - 8:43am
Hi Charity! I'm not sure if I'm even *supposed* to post here anymore, since we've abandoned IVF after our last failed cycle, but I just wanted to send you a virtual (((HUG))) and say you're still my inspiration! Your attitude and positivity radiate to all and I love seeing updates from you.






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Wed, 03-25-2009 - 9:01am
Charity, I am so glad everything is going well (despite contractions, pain, GD and GH) and and you're almost there. You have such a great attitude and spirit. Thanks for checking in on us and keeping in touch. Best of luck to you, DH and the little boy!


3 failed IUI's w/injectables...
IVF #1- embryos didn't develop well, BFN 10/6...
Lap on 10/16 showed moderate endo...IUI #4 BFN on 12/1...IVF #2...poor embie development and quality again, BFN 1/21, Doc suggested donor eggs next...taking a 3-month break from treatments, doing acupuncture and herbs, trying naturally and deciding what to do next.



Mason James was born 8/21/10, 8lbs 12 oz after close to 3 years of infertility.
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Wed, 03-25-2009 - 7:11pm

Oh, Charity, I'm so glad that you are still hanging in there and remaining positive. Your son is so lucky to have you for his mommy!!!

Take care,

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