Question for BFPs (IVF or Injects/IUI)

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Question for BFPs (IVF or Injects/IUI)
Tue, 07-13-2010 - 11:44am

I'm working towards a 3rd IVF in the fall and am trying to gather ideas and information to bring to my consult.

Both of my IVFs went well - about 10 eggs each time, good fert rates and good quality embryos with little to no fragmentation. However, we never made blasts to freeze and never a BFP.

(My FET was with 2PN embies frozen right after fertilization after my first IVF failed to produce any blasts. I didn't want to risk not having any to freeze and my clinic only freezes blasts or 2PN embryos).

Anyway, for stims I always did Follistim and Menopur. I have had a few emails from people on the various IF message boards I frequent who suggsted maybe doing a FSH only stim (Follistim only) or a FSH/LH only (Menopur only).

I did 4 injects/IUI with Follistim only (BFN) and 2 more Follistim/Menopur injects cycles with timed intercourse (BFN).

So now I'm wondering if there might be any benefit to trying Menopur only...

I am unexplained, tend to O later (CD18-CD20) and have a shortish LP (10-11 days) even though my 7DPO progesterone is around 24 unmedicated. One blogger suggested maybe my eggs are being released (or triggered) before they are 100% mature and adding more LH might help with that.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience?

My RE wants to do an Antagon cycle without suppression which should also help, but I want to make sure I bring plenty of other ideas to discuss so I can feel confident about our chances. After 2 failed IVFs confidence is in really, really short supply. Not to mention money. :(

TTC #1  -  >3 years

DX: Unexplained infertility

3 rounds of Clomid - BFN

3 rounds of Tamofixen & Trigger - BFN

8 rounds of injects & IUI - BFN

2 fresh IVF - BFN

1 cancelled FET

1 failed FET

Saving money (we're OOP) for IVF #3 - hopefully in October.

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 12:47pm

Sorry about all your BFNs, I know how difficult it can be. The person who suggested you might be triggering a little too soon might be on to something. I had 3 unsuccessful IVF cycles with a previous RE (IVF #2 did result in a BFP, but I m/c). When I left him and switched to a new (my current) RE, she insisted on doing two monitored natural cycles before even thinking of putting together a protocol for me. I am also a late Oer (CD 20ish) with a shortish LP (12 days), and unexplained dx. What my RE found during my two natural monitored cycles was that my follicles didn't rupture until larger than what she normally would trigger at. (Both times I didn't O until my follies were around 28mm -- my previous RE triggered me at around 20-22mm). So based on that, she would have me stim an extra day. My first cycle with her (IVF #4) resulted in DD. I just did my second cycle with her a couple months ago and am now 10wks pg.

I don't know if stimming longer is the solution for late Oers, it's just something to bring up with your RE, and it worked for me based on what my RE observed about what my body was naturally trying to do.

FWIW I was also on Follistim & Menopur these last two cycles. Last time I froze 5 day-3 embies, but they were all poor quality. I'd never had anything to freeze before that so I was just excited to have anything left over from transfer. This time we were able to go to blast, and I transferred the only two that survived to day 5.

Lots of luck to you.

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 6:27pm

Our success came when I used micro lupron to supress "O" until the follicles had matured to a better stage

Susan L.

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 6:52pm

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your long ttc history.

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Wed, 07-14-2010 - 8:04pm
Really don't have much info. Just wanted to say I saw your post over on the SIRM board. If you are looking for different angles getting a consult with a SIRM Dr. might be useful. They have a lot of different approaches that other clinics don't use. GOOD LUCK!!!


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