update & thank you

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update & thank you
Sat, 03-28-2009 - 6:47pm

hi ladies!  carol let me know chris had started a thread for me... thank you chris - you sweet thing...  and thank you all, for your support.  it means alot to me. 

here's a brief description of what happened.  part of this is cross posted from what i put on the sister board:

i'd been having a lot of false labor contractions the last month, which happens to coincide with getting off full bedrest, and having more, but very limited, activity.  last thurs we went to the peri at the hosp for my monthly u/s.  my cervix which was normally 4.2 cm was varying between 3.4 & 2.2cm.  they admitted me overnight, gave me some steroid shots to help the babies' lungs (& brain) develop alittle more should they come right away.  then friday i was checked again and my cervix had shortened to 1.9 - 2.1cm, and funneling (opening from the inside) , so they kept me over the weekend.   the peri said he'd be surprised if i kept the babies in more than 3 or 4 wks, best case scenario. 

then monday i had my cervix re-checked.  we were shocked to see that it had lengthened to almost 3cm.  the peri's tell us this isn't common, so we're very lucky.  baby a and baby b have both flipped.  during the u/s we could see baby a had her foot down in my cervix where it is funneling.  oh baby!  everyone says it's not dangerous, but it's freaky to feel her down there when she's kicking and jumping.  also my ffn test came back negative... i don't really know how far out the ffn predicts labor.  so the peri on that day gave us the choice of going home... i'm home! 

i absolutely fell apart on monday after hearing this news... had been trying to hold it in, and finally some good news allowed me to  really release all that emotion.

there are some things i miss about being in hosp.  i do feel more vulnerable at home, and do miss the hosp bed, and constant feedings, and constant access to nurses, and daily dr. visit.  most of all, my contractions are a constant reminder that all is not ok.  but extended hosp stays just prolong possible exposure to infections....  and there is no other medical intervention that the docs think can help me.  cerclage is not recommended past 20 wks.  hosp is only 15 minutes from home if/when i need to go back.

my big goal is 28 wks, and from there i'll set two week goals.  also focusing on everyday as a success.  will do my absolute best with the bed rest.  dh has me set up better than before...  fridge in bedroom, seat in shower, and big wedge pillow in bed for support when i need to sit up.  yes, i'm feeling elderly ;)

oh, guess what, i'm back on progesterone suppositories... woohoo!  there's no research to show this helps twin pregnancies in my circumstance, but it doesn't hurt.  not going on tocolitics (meds that stop or ease contractions) at this point... again research shows it doesn't help twin pg's in my circumstance.  plus, i've been having a tough time with racing heart episodes, and i think the turbutaline will make that worse.  so i just stick with bedrest and see the peri again 4/7.

hope you are all doing well.  sending out the big baby dust!  will be checking on you guys - have a borrowed laptop now...




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Sat, 03-28-2009 - 9:11pm

Hi Jan,

I was primarily a lurker when you got your BFP and have followed your story a bit ... I'm around more now - as we're in a cycle again - but I just wanted to say how much I admire what you are already doing for your babies and what a great mom you are.


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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 4:17am
Jan - i am so happy things are turning around for you!


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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 10:38am


I think it's great news that you are home and that things seem to be stable for now! Thinking of you and sending you lots of prayers! Stay strong!!!

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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 11:38am
Jan, I'm so happy to hear all is okay right now...I was thinking about you so much since I saw Chris' post. Lots of luck with the bed rest and keeping those LO's in there! I hope everything is easy from here on out, my god...you deserve to have things go perfectly!


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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 7:16pm

Oh Jan i am so happy to hear things are going better for you!!!! keep being strong and try not to worry....your babies are fighter and will appreciate all your doing for them!!!! please keep us posted and now we are all sending good thoughts and vibes your way!!!! enjoy the pampering...pretty soon youll be very busy!!!

ps - when is 28 weeks for you??




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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 7:58pm
Hi ! Best wishes to you and the babies. You're story is very similiar to mine. Im 30 weeks on bedrest after spending 3 days in the hospital. Im on the same drugs too and they make my heart race also. Bed rest is soooo frusterating!!!
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Sun, 03-29-2009 - 9:49pm

Jan-great to hear from you.

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Tue, 03-31-2009 - 2:15pm

So good to hear from you!

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