Advanced ovulation monitor as good as IVF?

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Advanced ovulation monitor as good as IVF?
Sat, 03-03-2012 - 1:48pm
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Sat, 03-03-2012 - 3:57pm
My guess is that insurance companies would not cover the monitor, just as they don't cover the cost of ovulation tests, vitamins to help get pregnant, etc. But it would be worth a call to your insurance to check.

For women who are not getting pregnant because their timing is off then this might help them get pregnant. But for woman and men with medical issues sometimes IVF is the only answer and I doubt this monitor would help in these situations.

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Sat, 03-03-2012 - 11:18pm

I agree with Caryn, the likelihood of insurance covering this device is really going to be pretty low, but you never know until you ask.

You'd also need to look at the details of the study as to who those women were, as well. Were they diagnosed with 'unexplained' infertility or what? There are issues that it isn't going to make a difference if you have absolute perfect timing or not, you still have to do IVF to overcome.

I used a clearblue fertility monitor for several months but never got a positive for ovulation. I had to do IVF, because in addition to problems ovulating, after testing, we found out we were dealing with male factor issues as well.