Anxiously waiting

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Anxiously waiting
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 9:58pm
Hi, this is my first entry on this board. I have been reading the ivillage articles over that last few weeks but never looked at the boards. It is nice to read how everyone is so supportive. Well, it has been a long haul for us. We attempted 1st IVF in Oct02 but it was canceled due to oversimulation. Finally had a full attempt in Jan -- a big negative. But I look at it this way, it was not a total bust -- 23 eggs retrieved and 16 fertilized. We froze 10. This is where we are now. We attempted a frzn cycle; thawed 5 and transferred 4 embros. I had cramping and pulling feeling so I thought the worst, I did not even take the stick test before my blood test. Very surprised -- last Monday (4/14) my blood test was positive (HcG was 157) dr said solid/strong pregnancy; second test on Wed HcG was up to 267 (i am concerned because it did not double, but they said it is still really good). U/s is in three weeks (how many???) It probably will not sink in until then. I keep wanting to take more stick tests at home, likely weekly, to reassure myself that it is still positive (I did take it after my blood test just to see what a pos test looks like). I do not have many symptoms at 5 weeks besides mild cramping/pulling (dr calling them growing pains), fatigue, and indegestion.

I am on estrogen, progestrone, and baby asprin -- I wonder if these will not give me the miscarriage signs and in three weeks I get devastaging news. I am prepared for the worst, but I really want to enjoy this time as well. Talking with folks in similar situations may help me cope. We have waited 7 years for this and it is just unbelievable, tried other ways before IVF.

Thanks for listening!!! :) Any coping strategies???