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Back to IVF trying for a second child... Retrieval in June 2011
Sun, 06-26-2011 - 3:52pm

Really, I don't have all the abbreviations to describe me but in short, my husband and I went through IVF for tranfer in December 2008.

Trying to conceive for two years.
1 IUI failed.
Me: PCOS but with medicine return to ovulation. Husband: low count
Lupron shots started November 21, 2008. and baby aspirin.
then Lurpon, FSH and Menopur shots.
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Ooh! Welcome! Come join us in the "Cycling in June" board. We'd love another lady to obsess about! If you tell me your med start date, I'll add you to our tracking list so we can pester you regularly :smileyvery-happy: to give us info.

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What she said ;) I have 11 month old twins from my second retrieval, and just got my first beta friday from this cycle- it's another BFP. Being successful once gives you a great chance of success again!
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