Contemplating Jan 2012 cycle - need some help thinking this out

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Contemplating Jan 2012 cycle - need some help thinking this out
Mon, 09-05-2011 - 9:19pm

So, we had a successful 2nd cycle in 2010.

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Welcome back. I am new to IVF and will be doing my first one soon. I start BCP at the end of this month. I can't give you much advise because I am still waiting on my first one. I had an ectopic last year and did many IUIs.

I do want to give you advise on the saline sonogram. IUI's were always so painful for me that my RE prescribed valium before each IUI. When I had to get the saline sonogram done, he also prescribed me 2 valium. I was kinda sleepy so it wasn't as bad as I thought because the meds helped me relax.

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We had our First IVF attempt succeed in October 2009 and our DD was born June 2010. The cost of IVF was not easy on us, and even after becoming pregnant with Triplets and having just the ONE healthy survivor..... when DD turned 12 months, we found ourselves right back at the clinic! We were so blessed with our Baby Girl...and did not want to "push our luck"...but I am also 39 (almost 40!) and because we both have a gaggle of siblings, we did not want our DD to grow up one day and have no siblings. Being older parents, I worried that if anything happened to us...she would be "all alone in the world".

She is spoiled.....and as an only child, there really is nothing that we CANT give her. But it does become financially more challenging, so I understand. But here is the matter what kind of financial pickles we all get in from time to time...somehow we work it all out! I was breasfeedng DD too...and at 2 months..DRIED up! Also tried Reglan, which did not work so I took on the cost of formula too! We mamanged just fine.

So....16,000 we are..Newly Pregnant after a successful 2nd attempt in August. I am chasing a 14 month old.....I'm exhausted, I work from home.....but end up working all kinds of crazy late hours o keep up with my projects, my child, and my life. I haveextra bills each month..because I have to pay off My IVF......and now, since we thought we were DONE with Babies..and Sold most of DD's Stuff (Except her clothes because she has AMAZING clothes!..LOL).... I get to have alot of fun RE-Buying everything!!! Shopping, shopping, shopping!!! Yikes.

But, I would not have it any other's worth it....... so worth it. If we hadn't done it, we may have spent the rest of our lives asking...what if.................................


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Go with your heart, it sounds like your heart is saying yes. You do need to think about all those other things but it sounds like you have found ways to make all of that stuff doable.
I'm almost 15 wks. pregnant with twins (again), my oldest is 5 and my twins are 13 months. Life is crazy around my house and cycling/being pregnant with young ones is challenging- I would line up extra help around the house so you get enough rest. We went through all the same "is it fair to the other kids" "can we afford it" stuff and have found ways to make it work. We decided that we didn't want to wait and that while it will be wildly expensive (childcare ect.) it isn't any worse than doing it 5 years from now- the cost is just more concentrated.
The only thing that made me question our decision a bit was we had an oppourtunity for DH to take a great job that because of the size of our family we couldn't move to that area. At the same time, we wouldn't trade our big family for anything- it just changes the way we do things.
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